Rilakkuma goes to Malaysia! :)

Ok, Rilakkuma got tired of relaxing in the hot weather in Singapore, so decided to go to a rather cold part of Malaysia with 8 friends. It was such a fun trip, Rilakkuma started dancing when one of his friends sang a song in KTV!

Erm, do you realise that Rilakkuma’s movements are rather limited? Well, his limbs are rather short lah, so no choice lah hor? Hahaha… :)

Kitty Daiwa Royal resort, Again!! :)


Please refer to my very first post about my trip to Tokyo in 2009. See that part about the adventure to the Kitty hotel room? Well, this special is back!! From 01.04.2011 all the way to 31.03.2012!! Sigh, I do seriously hope the situation in Japan will stabilise soon..can’t wait to go there again!

Similar to the previous time they had this special, there are Kitty as well as Cinnamoroll rooms available! From the picture posted on the website (please refer to the link that I posted below), the room design (for the Kitty room) looks pretty much similar, except that the huge Kitty soft toy is wearing a different outfit. But well, you can’t really confirm this until you step into the room, as this outfit might be in the washing machine..haha..

There is also a set of Kitty and Daniel soft toys as present, and this time round they are wearing different outfits from the set that I have at home. You get to choose another free gift, and there are also Kitty robes for kids and stuff like toothbrushes for you to kapo! Haha..the ugly Singaporean in me again…Not forgetting the mirror, curtains and designs on the walls..all full of Kitty! Haha…Furthermore, after every second night that you stay, each person can get a voucher of about S$15 (1000 yen) to spend in shops in the hotel. Also, if you play some games and collect 8 stamps, you get more free gifts! Something new (which maybe I just did not get a chance to try haha) is Kitty and Cinnamoroll kids’ meal! During your stay, you will also be given a chance to search for Kitty in the hotel. If you find her, you will be given a sticker as reward!

There are also some pictures posted on the website to show you the thought that goes into designing this room and how it is family friendly and safe for kids. (eg there is a specially designed area for you to place your baby prams.) At the bottom of the website are some comments on the nice memories of some customers who have stayed in the room..haiyah they should have asked me for my comments as well mah..haha..

But I must say that it’s not cheap to stay in Kitty room… can cost from S$138 (9000 yen) to S$348 (22600 yen) for one person per night, with meals included.

If you are visiting Tokyo, the nearest hotel that has this room available is in Chiba. (Yes the one that I went to!) So, if you are planning to go to this hotel, do give yourself ample time to travel and figure out how to get to the hotel from the train station.
Please click on this link for more details! :)


Sanrio Lovers! ’70s book

Time to take a trip down memory lane~! This book features 6 characters (Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Patty and Jimmy, Bunny and Matty, Tiny Poem) when they were first released in the 1970s. This book was released in conjuction with Sanrio celebrating their 50th anniversary. For a self-declared number one fan like me, this is definitely something to add to my collection!

Sanrio 70s magazine cover


First up, there is a Kitty mini tea set as free gift! Nice! It’s actually a reproduction of a series released in the past!


Not forgetting some history of Sanrio and Sanrio gift gates:



There are many pictures of products of these 5 characters from the 70s. Evidence as follows: Continue reading →

Kitty iPhone app (6) – Hello Kitty Block on Yardsellr app

This app is basically a community whereby you see Kitty items that people post up to sell, and the prices are listed accordingly. You can add comments to the items listed as well! BUT! Some items don’t look original to me..haha..Anyways, you can download this free app and look through the items might find some nice stuff to buy! :)

Download this app here.

Kitty yardsellr app 1

Kitty yardsellr app 2

Kitty yardsellr app 3

Kitty iPhone app (5) – Hello Kitty Images, Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Yeah! More free wallpapers!! Haha…Ok, basically there is super a lot of Kitty wallpapers in this app. BUT! Some look a bit chiong while others look a bit out of proportion i.e. stretched, and others are just a certain part cut of a bigger Kitty wallpaper or picture..Haha…

However, there are many nice wallpapers I managed to find..Evidence below… :)

Find this app here!


(Kitty is bowing at you! :) )








Kitty iPhone app (4) – Hello Kitty Stamp Calendar

Need a calendar to mark down important events as well as plans for the day? Get the Kitty stamp calendar iPhone app! Costs US$3.99 only! Not expensive! Haha..

There are many cute Kitty icons to choose from to mark down either your events or plans for the day. You can also take a picture to represent what you are entering for the day and insert the picture. If you choose to see the calendar in cork board view, you will be able to see the pictures you inserted! I like this feature! You can also add in comments for the day as well!

You will also get your fortune told everyday you open the app. What’s more, you get 13 free wallpapers after you purchase the app, one a week! Erm, you will have to purchase the next 13 wallpapers at US$0.99 if you would like to have new wallpapers though…However, having said that, you do get a new theme wallpaper every month! (no need purchase! Haha..) Faster purchase the app here!!!


(new monthly theme wallpaper)

Kitty stamp calendar 1

Kitty stamp calendar 2

Kitty stamp calendar 3

Kitty stamp calendar 4

Kitty iPhone app (3) – iHelloKitty Tokyo

Been to Tokyo?? If your answer is no, fret not! With this app, you not only get to have fun with Kitty, but get a mini glimpse of a few famous places in Tokyo, such as Shinbashi, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Ginza, Shibuya and Harajuku!!

This app is actually very similar to something familiar to most of us – Tamagotchi!! What’s more, you get 9 themes to change clothes, accessories and headgear for Kitty! When you first start playing, you are given 3 themes. The more you play with Kitty, you subsequently unlock all the themes. My favourite themes are Mr PC, strawberry and Steve! (what’s Steve you might the app to find out!) You can also choose to mix and match clothes, accessories, headgear and background from the 9 themes!

Continue reading →

Rilakkuma iPhone app (1) – Rilakkuma Touch!

This is the only free Rilakkuma app so far! Sigh..wish the other Rilakkuma apps were free too… (other apps include Rilakkuma wallpaper, Rilakkuma photo, Rilakkuma calendar etc..just search for Rilakkuma in the iTunes AppStore!)

Basically, as this app’s name suggests, you touch Rilakkuma to play with him! You can either pat him on his head, push him and tilt your phone and he will either fall flat or do a variety of stunts! At the Home screen when you start the app, there are 2 more buttons to tap on – blog and recommended apps. When you tap on the blog button, you will be linked to the official san-x blog. When you tap on the recommended apps button, you will be brought to this screen whereby they introduce to you other apps, such as the Rilakkuma ones I mentioned at the start, as well as apps for other san-x characters such as Mamegoma and Sentimental Circus.

Quickly download this app and have fun with Rilakkuma! Compatible with iPod and iPad as well!


Touch Rilakkuma app 2

Touch Rilakkuma app 3

Touch Rilakkuma app 1

New Rilakkuma wallpaper released on San-X website!!

New Rilakkuma wallpaper for the ‘Rilakkuma meets honey’ series released! I personally find this series very cute; any of you guys might be interested in the items from this series? Do let us know if you are interested!


find all great wallpaper here:

check out the full ‘Rilakkuma meets honey’ series here:
items go on sale in Japan in Mar 2011!


Books Kinokuniya promotion is back again! yeah!

Kino’s 20% off storewide promotion for privilege card members is back! The theme this time round is ‘discover your fantasies’…

This promotion is valid from 17 Feb 2011 to 20 Feb 2011 at all Kino stores in Singapore. During the period of this promotion, members also get to enjoy 10% off stationery items at Kino at Takashimaya and Liang Court.

Members also get to enjoy 10% off during periods without promotion. Check out this website for more information about the Kino privilege card:

So excited whenever Kino has promotion…coz it means I can get the many Kitty and Blythe books available!! Not forgetting the many fashion magazines that have super nice bags or pouches as free gifts!! Just purchased 2 recently..will post up their reviews soon! :)

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