Kitty chan…happy birthday!!!

Just returned from Tokyo a week back, and really don’t feel like coming back..Haha….It was a great trip to Japan, especially since I went to Sanrio Puroland on Kitty’s birthday and stayed in a Kitty hotel room! :)

Even though the journey to the Kitty hotel room was super exciting and adventurous, the room was simply fantastic and the scenery next to the hotel was great! Everything in the room was Kitty, from curtains to bedroom slippers to kettle to bathroom toiletries to ultra huge Kitty soft toy! I even had a conference with Kitty haha…what’s also great is that they give each guest a Kitty free gift and (you can choose from a muffler, photo frame, towel holder etc..) a nice paper bag. There is also a set of Kitty and Daniel soft toy in the room for your keeping! Cool! Being an ugly Singaporean, I stole a few items from the room. Hahaha! I actually tried calling the reception to be courteous and ask if I could take anything else from the room, but the lady told me that I could only take the Kitty and Daniel set and that the ultra huge Kitty cannot be taken. Haha…she’s so funny… There is a Cinnamoroll room available as well, and it’s until March 2010. Don’t miss it!!



Kitty mat resize

Kitty slippers resize







Kitty curtain resize


Kitty bed resize






Scenery next to the hotel...

Scenery next to the hotel...

Kitty’s everywhere in Tokyo!!! Until I did not dare to step into anymore souvenir shops..haha…No matter whether it’s Tokyo Tower, Cosmopolitan Tower, Yokohama or Mount Fuji; you name it, she will appear somewhere in the souvenir shops. Haha…As a result, I ended up with a lot of pens and handphone accessories from the various areas and places of interest…(my friends will find this familiar hahhaa)


Found this at a souvenir shop at Tokyo Tower. It is really's actually a giant fish fillet..Haha..look at the next picture...

Kitty giant fish fillet resize

I was super excited to go to Sanrio Puroland on 1st November, Kitty’s birthday! This year is Kitty’s 35th anniversary, and there are many special products as well as limited edition ones to celebrate her 35th birthday. Got to buy many things there, and put on Kitty’s dress (not the full set though, sigh..) and took a picture at the mini photo plant. What was best was I took a photo with Kitty in her house! She was wearing the 35th anniversary outfit!! Soooo cute!!! According to my friend, I was smiling so happily until you almost couldn’t see my eyes. (笑到见牙不见眼 haahaa) What was hilarious was that after I took the picture with Kitty, I wished her happy birthday but she stopped and was stunned for a second until she bowed at me to thank me for the wishes hhaa!!! I suspect that the guy/lady inside the Kitty suit did not know it was her birthday that day..hmm…so unprofessional..haha…

In the train on the way to Puroland..

In the train on the way to Puroland..




Sanrio puroland resize

Kitty and friends board resize


Kitty lunch bento!

Kitty lunch bento!


Kitty's house! :)

Kitty's house! :)

For someone like me who is so fond of toys and cutesy stuff, Japan is really not the best place to go – since you can spend lots of money without realizing it! Just shopping at Tokyo station first avenue character street is enough to make me go mad; there’s a small Kitty shop, TBS and Fuji television shop, Rilakkuma store, Ultraman shop, amongst many others. I also finally got the chance to visit the Blythe shop in Daikanyama. There were lots of pretty dolls, but many of them were just for display. What a pity…Despite that, I still bought some stuff (you have to spend minimum 5000 yen) to get the nice paper bag. :)

Rilakkuma shop

Rilakkuma shop

Rilakkuma shop_2 resize

Ultraman shop

Ultraman shop

Ultraman shop resize


Blythe shop in Daikanyama

Blythe shop resize

I really want to go back!! Haha…anyways, brought back with me many Kitty and Rilakkuma products to offer to you guys..hope you will find something you like! :)

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