I love Hong Kong! :)

No, I did not go to Hong Kong..Haha…But my friend bought some really nice stuff for me from Hong Kong! Rilakkuma sweets, Hello Kitty instant noodles, yan yan and pouch! Was told that such food items with Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty license are readily available in Hong Kong. Aiyah, I wanna go to Hong Kong too!! since I’m on a budget now and cannot go to Japan..Haha…





I wanna tell you more about Rilakkuma sweets! There’s a message on the back of each sweet wrapper..messages such as: luck in love, this is your lucky sweet, luck in finding friends, work hard at work, luck in dressing well, the way you should relax at work (you would have to adopt the position of Rilakkuma printed on the front of the wrapper hahaa)

I have eaten the instant noodles, finally! It tastes quite nice, but I really like the mini fish cake in the shape of Kitty’s head! Please see below for the one which my friend bought for me last year, but was not eaten as I procrastinated. Haha..hope there are no worms inside, since it expired some time ago. Hahaa…


p/s: actually, you might not need to go far to get things with Kitty on the wrapper. Bought these from a ulu neighbourhood shop. Haha…


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