Happy lantern festival! 中秋节快乐!!

I must really thank this company (xxxxr) for selling Kitty mooncakes every year for the past few years! This year, there is finally a change of box! But!! there is no free gift..sigh..over the past 2 years, there was a lantern given as a free gift…

Kitty mooncakes! Woo hoo!

Kitty mooncakes! Woo hoo!


Ok, maybe the photo of the mooncake does not look very appetising, but they are really nice ok! In fact, there are different flavours every year. Flavours this year: rose, papaya (exotic right? Haha), double chocolate and white lotus. Plus! It’s snow skin mooncake, so very nice one ok..hee hee..

Faster go grab one box ok! Anyway, it’s not expensive..as compared to durian mooncakes that my friend bought (at about $60 per box?) Ok, if you do not like Kitty, there are also winnie the pooh and mickey mouse mooncakes available..I’m not so narrow minded one ok..Haha…

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