Someone who does not really appreciate kitty..

Ok chanced upon this when I was waiting for my turn to do my eyebrows..this article talks about how the writer is appalled by the love that some ladies have for Hello Kitty (i.e. his colleague)..he also goes on to talk about his amazement at the other Sanrio characters..and how he finds them – USELESS… ok whatever..haha..

He is apparently also disturbed by and feels that women who like cutesy stuff love pretty boys..(i think he cannot really stand those pretty boys haha)

He ends off by saying that he is happy that his wife does not belong to any of the above categories..and the scary ladies mentioned above should make space for other more adult toys..haha..after all this article appeared under the ‘love, men, sex’ get the idea haha…grab a copy of ‘Her World’ Oct 2010 if you are able to! haha..


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