Rilakkuma iPhone app (1) – Rilakkuma Touch!

This is the only free Rilakkuma app so far! Sigh..wish the other Rilakkuma apps were free too… (other apps include Rilakkuma wallpaper, Rilakkuma photo, Rilakkuma calendar etc..just search for Rilakkuma in the iTunes AppStore!)

Basically, as this app’s name suggests, you touch Rilakkuma to play with him! You can either pat him on his head, push him and tilt your phone and he will either fall flat or do a variety of stunts! At the Home screen when you start the app, there are 2 more buttons to tap on – blog and recommended apps. When you tap on the blog button, you will be linked to the official san-x blog. When you tap on the recommended apps button, you will be brought to this screen whereby they introduce to you other apps, such as the Rilakkuma ones I mentioned at the start, as well as apps for other san-x characters such as Mamegoma and Sentimental Circus.

Quickly download this app and have fun with Rilakkuma! Compatible with iPod and iPad as well!


Touch Rilakkuma app 2

Touch Rilakkuma app 3

Touch Rilakkuma app 1

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