Kitty iPhone app (4) – Hello Kitty Stamp Calendar

Need a calendar to mark down important events as well as plans for the day? Get the Kitty stamp calendar iPhone app! Costs US$3.99 only! Not expensive! Haha..

There are many cute Kitty icons to choose from to mark down either your events or plans for the day. You can also take a picture to represent what you are entering for the day and insert the picture. If you choose to see the calendar in cork board view, you will be able to see the pictures you inserted! I like this feature! You can also add in comments for the day as well!

You will also get your fortune told everyday you open the app. What’s more, you get 13 free wallpapers after you purchase the app, one a week! Erm, you will have to purchase the next 13 wallpapers at US$0.99 if you would like to have new wallpapers though…However, having said that, you do get a new theme wallpaper every month! (no need purchase! Haha..) Faster purchase the app here!!!


(new monthly theme wallpaper)

Kitty stamp calendar 1

Kitty stamp calendar 2

Kitty stamp calendar 3

Kitty stamp calendar 4

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