Kitty Daiwa Royal resort, Again!! :)


Please refer to my very first post about my trip to Tokyo in 2009. See that part about the adventure to the Kitty hotel room? Well, this special is back!! From 01.04.2011 all the way to 31.03.2012!! Sigh, I do seriously hope the situation in Japan will stabilise soon..can’t wait to go there again!

Similar to the previous time they had this special, there are Kitty as well as Cinnamoroll rooms available! From the picture posted on the website (please refer to the link that I posted below), the room design (for the Kitty room) looks pretty much similar, except that the huge Kitty soft toy is wearing a different outfit. But well, you can’t really confirm this until you step into the room, as this outfit might be in the washing machine..haha..

There is also a set of Kitty and Daniel soft toys as present, and this time round they are wearing different outfits from the set that I have at home. You get to choose another free gift, and there are also Kitty robes for kids and stuff like toothbrushes for you to kapo! Haha..the ugly Singaporean in me again…Not forgetting the mirror, curtains and designs on the walls..all full of Kitty! Haha…Furthermore, after every second night that you stay, each person can get a voucher of about S$15 (1000 yen) to spend in shops in the hotel. Also, if you play some games and collect 8 stamps, you get more free gifts! Something new (which maybe I just did not get a chance to try haha) is Kitty and Cinnamoroll kids’ meal! During your stay, you will also be given a chance to search for Kitty in the hotel. If you find her, you will be given a sticker as reward!

There are also some pictures posted on the website to show you the thought that goes into designing this room and how it is family friendly and safe for kids. (eg there is a specially designed area for you to place your baby prams.) At the bottom of the website are some comments on the nice memories of some customers who have stayed in the room..haiyah they should have asked me for my comments as well mah..haha..

But I must say that it’s not cheap to stay in Kitty room… can cost from S$138 (9000 yen) to S$348 (22600 yen) for one person per night, with meals included.

If you are visiting Tokyo, the nearest hotel that has this room available is in Chiba. (Yes the one that I went to!) So, if you are planning to go to this hotel, do give yourself ample time to travel and figure out how to get to the hotel from the train station.
Please click on this link for more details! :)


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