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Summer fair Rilakkuma set of 4!

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma go pak-tor-ing (dating haha) at the summer fair! Wah~~ nice hanabi (fireworks) they will be able to see~~ haha…

All approximately 18cm in height.

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Honey series - Korilakkuma plushie

Okay, Bee Korilakkuma has finally arrived! She dresses up as a bee and has wings at the back! Really super cute! :) Too bad, unlike Rilakkuma, she has no zip for you to unzip her at the back! Haha..Approximately 18cm in height..


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Honey series - Rilakkuma card case

Can’t get enough of the honey series? Well, do get this to keep your important cards!


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Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma twin key handphone straps

A key in the shape of Rilakkuma’s face is attached to the straps!

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