Kitty iPhone app (2) – Match 3 maniacs

Match! Match! Match! Haha..ok think u guys shld be pretty familiar with this game bejeweled by now rite? This Kitty app that I’m gonna introduce to u is bejeweled in the form of Kitty..what?! Haha..

There are altogether 18 themes in this game..but when you first download the app you are only given 3 themes..u have to clear 25 stages in each theme to get the next can also play the game in another mode called endless the name suggests u just continue playing until u run out of time..

Of course the best thing about this game is the super cute Kitty graphics u will see in this game! after u finish each stage and theme u will see a Kitty picture..although some pictures are repeated, but considering that there are so many stages, it’s inevitable for the pictures to repeat..haha..some of the themes are Kitty’s family and friends, rock star, hip hop and animal suit (my favourite!) just imagine how cute it would be..hohoho..there’s nice music in the background too when u play the game and you can actually adjust the difficulty level of the game..

Here is some evidence of how cute the game is..

(screenshots of the game itself)


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Someone who does not really appreciate kitty..

Ok chanced upon this when I was waiting for my turn to do my eyebrows..this article talks about how the writer is appalled by the love that some ladies have for Hello Kitty (i.e. his colleague)..he also goes on to talk about his amazement at the other Sanrio characters..and how he finds them – USELESS… ok whatever..haha..

He is apparently also disturbed by and feels that women who like cutesy stuff love pretty boys..(i think he cannot really stand those pretty boys haha)

He ends off by saying that he is happy that his wife does not belong to any of the above categories..and the scary ladies mentioned above should make space for other more adult toys..haha..after all this article appeared under the ‘love, men, sex’ get the idea haha…grab a copy of ‘Her World’ Oct 2010 if you are able to! haha..


Kitty iPhone app (1) – Kitty 35th anniversary app

Ok this sounds really weird I know..but one of the main purposes of me getting an iPhone was to be able to download Kitty apps! haha..ok I can imagine everyone shaking their heads or rolling their eyes haha..

This was the first Kitty app I downloaded..and it’s free! Haha.. ok this app was made because of Kitty’s 35th anniversary last year.. and mainly gives you information and nice pictures of Kitty, her family and friends..and also designs of Kitty for the past 30 odd’s a good starter for those of you who might like her but do not know that much about her..

Ok please download and app and enjoy! :)

kitty 35 anni app (1)

kitty 35 anni app (2)

kitty 35 anni app (3)

kitty 35 anni app (4)

kitty 35 anni app (5)

Book Review: Neo Retro Ultra Monsters Vinyl Complete Album


Just got this book recently! This is an absolute godsend for all you Ultraman vinyl collectors. Now the title of the book is somewhat strange, cos it says Monsters but Ultraman is also included. Hmm…

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Pink ribbon kitty!

For the past few years, there has been this pink ribbon kitty campaign once a year to raise awareness about breast cancer. There is a new kitty design released every year, and there are of course new goods to go along with it. There are also wallpapers to download as well! It’s nice to see that Kitty also has some social responsibility to remind ladies to be mindful of their health!

Check this out:

Pink ribbon kitty 2010

Flea market at Scape!


Many thanks to friends who dropped by to support us! And to you who showed an interest in the items at our stall and might be reading this now, thanks a lot! :)

It was our first experience setting up a stall at a flea market, and I must say it was quite a fun experience! :) It was also a good learning experience, and there are some things we need to further work on as well.

If you would like to see us at other flea markets or have any news of other flea markets coming up, do let us know? Thanks! :)

Green Tokyo Hello Kitty and friends exhibition (Part 2)

October 2010’s strawberry news (monthly Sanrio magazine) has a detailed report and pictures of the Green Tokyo Hello Kitty and friends exhibition at Odaiba..faster go grab one! Check out this link to see what’s coming up in this month’s magazine…

Some intro about this magazine: it sums up latest news and products from different Sanrio characters. It also comes with nice free gifts! (I got my Sanrio x Baby Milo post-it as a free gift when I bought the magazine!)


Do keep a lookout for this monthly magazine!

Happy lantern festival! 中秋节快乐!!

I must really thank this company (xxxxr) for selling Kitty mooncakes every year for the past few years! This year, there is finally a change of box! But!! there is no free gift..sigh..over the past 2 years, there was a lantern given as a free gift…

Kitty mooncakes! Woo hoo!

Kitty mooncakes! Woo hoo!


Ok, maybe the photo of the mooncake does not look very appetising, but they are really nice ok! In fact, there are different flavours every year. Flavours this year: rose, papaya (exotic right? Haha), double chocolate and white lotus. Plus! It’s snow skin mooncake, so very nice one ok..hee hee..

Faster go grab one box ok! Anyway, it’s not compared to durian mooncakes that my friend bought (at about $60 per box?) Ok, if you do not like Kitty, there are also winnie the pooh and mickey mouse mooncakes available..I’m not so narrow minded one ok..Haha…

I love Hong Kong! :)

No, I did not go to Hong Kong..Haha…But my friend bought some really nice stuff for me from Hong Kong! Rilakkuma sweets, Hello Kitty instant noodles, yan yan and pouch! Was told that such food items with Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty license are readily available in Hong Kong. Aiyah, I wanna go to Hong Kong too!! since I’m on a budget now and cannot go to Japan..Haha…





I wanna tell you more about Rilakkuma sweets! There’s a message on the back of each sweet wrapper..messages such as: luck in love, this is your lucky sweet, luck in finding friends, work hard at work, luck in dressing well, the way you should relax at work (you would have to adopt the position of Rilakkuma printed on the front of the wrapper hahaa)

I have eaten the instant noodles, finally! It tastes quite nice, but I really like the mini fish cake in the shape of Kitty’s head! Please see below for the one which my friend bought for me last year, but was not eaten as I procrastinated. Haha..hope there are no worms inside, since it expired some time ago. Hahaa…


p/s: actually, you might not need to go far to get things with Kitty on the wrapper. Bought these from a ulu neighbourhood shop. Haha…


Kitty is everywhere!! :)

Recent trip to KL was great..but what topped it off was I found Kitty as well!! So exciting..hee hee…

Bought the following items:


There was a separate counter for the perfume, and there were several scents to choose from. I was super undecided, so went back a few times and got so many tester papers (don’t know what you call them haha) until I decided which one I wanted. This one I bought has a musky smell, so more acceptable for me…in fact I quite like it! :)


There was also a special set (a small kitty soft toy and towel) on display. I thought that was the free gift if you bought any perfume, as there was a tag that read ‘free gift’ placed next to the display. But I was wrong! I misunderstood the tag and this was the free gift instead…

P7150893 sobs…

There was more publicity for the mascara though..the products were placed in a lot of corners in the shop and look at this!


Kitty applies mascara too! :)

I haven’t seen these products in Singapore yet, or if any of you guys have seen it before, let me know please? Thanks! Hoho…

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